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NEWS AT MEANS  (cont.)

             •  Rachel and Paul Means have started construction on a new camp on Sebec
               Lake. Their children and grandchildren have been on them to remodel
               their current camp to accommodate their growing families.
             •  Wes Leighton’s wife Cindi “retired” from her job at Fourteenth Street
               School in Bangor. After retiring from Peoples Bank, she worked part time
               as a lunch lady at the elementary school. Three of their grandchildren had
               attended the school while she worked there.
             •  It has been a quiet year for Zach Means and his wife, Bailey. They have
               remained sane by taking occasional trips to their camp on the shores
               of Moosehead Lake. Zach’s son, Wyatt, turned 7 this year and has been
               enjoying school. His daughter, Evie, is currently in pre-K three days a week
               and is quite the social butterfly. Their beloved golden retriever, Mazy,
               turned 8 this year and has been spending every waking minute fetching
               sticks in the lake and chasing the kids around.
          Finally, in late 2019, one of our relationship managers, Susan Dietz, was
          diagnosed with breast cancer. For Susan, the start of 2020 included surgery,
          chemotherapy and radiation, which was then followed by the added challenges
          of staying safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are pleased to report
          that Susan is recovering well. We miss seeing Susan’s beautiful smile each day
          at the office but are grateful that Susan is still able to be a part of the team while
          working remotely.
          In honor of Susan and in support of everyone affected by breast cancer, this
          October the Means Men participated in the American Cancer Society’s Real
          Men Wear Pink Campaign, raising almost $23,000 for the cause. We ended
          the campaign as the #1 team in Maine and as #39 in the Country. Many of you
          joined us by wearing pink, sending positive messages to Susan and contributing
          to the campaign. Thank you all for your support – it was an incredible honor to
          be able to rally around Susan and everyone affected by this terrible disease. n

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