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             e asked each staff member to share their best 2020 news – here’s what
        W they said:

           •  On New Year’s Eve 2019, Alex Means and his wife Katie
             welcomed their second baby boy, Miles Paul Means. Miles
             was born at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19” long and is incredibly
             loved by all, especially his big brother, Noah.
           •  David Cust got engaged at the end of 2019. With the   Miles Paul Means
             wedding delayed due to the pandemic, David and his
             fiancé, Tamara, have been working on building a new home together.
           •  On August 20th, Dawn Hatch and her husband Robert welcomed their
             second grandson, Parker Roger, into the world via FaceTime.
             Parker was born at 8 lbs. 2 oz., just like his big brother
             Weston. He has a very special birthday as he shares it with
             his paternal grandmother who would have turned 45 on the
             day he was born. His Mom and Dad, Nicole and Derick, have
             their hands full with two boys 16 months apart.
                                                             Parker Roger Woodbury
           •  Eric Baker notes that the Bakers added to their family,
             adopting a 9-month-old shepherd mix named Ruby. She is fitting in
             perfectly and loves playing with her older brother Max. Also, their
             daughter, Ellie, is officially double digits turning 10 in November.
           •  Erin Barry was relieved to survive her husband’s 2-month deployment
             to Qatar thanks to the help of family and friends. Juggling two kids
             under the age of 3 with a husband deployed in the midst of a pandemic
             was a character-building experience!
           •  Jackson Cust was thrilled to see his favorite hockey team, the Tampa Bay
             Lightning, win the Stanley Cup.
           •  John Dudley and his wife Patti continue to enjoy spending time with
             their 4(!) grandsons.
           •  2020 was a year of personal and professional growth for Karen Nadeau.
             She is most excited about completing her Jay Shetty Life Coaching
             course; she plans on taking her final exam and obtaining her
             Certification by February 2021.
           •  The high point of 2020 for Kris Selleck was traveling to Jackson Hole,
             Wyoming, with family and visiting Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore,
             Badlands, Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  Kris thoroughly
             enjoyed getting to see new parts of our amazingly gorgeous country!

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