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“                                        “

                                       We are what we repeatedly do.
                                       Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

                                                         - Aristotle

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

              Introduction by Paul Means                         p.   3
              News at Means                                      p.   5
              President Biden                                    p.    7
              How can I use my marginal tax rate bracket in my
              year-end tax planning?                             p.   8
              Is that tax refund really a good thing?            p.  10
              The Value of a Financial Power of Attorney         p.  11
              Estate Planning Considerations                     p.  12
              401(k) Plans                                       p.  14
              In-Service Rollovers                               p.  16
              Retirement Contribution Limits                     p.  18
              Cybersecurity                                      p.  19
              Required Minimum Distributions                     p.  20
              Credit Scores and You                              p.  22
              Identity Theft:  Now What?                         p.  24
              Municipal Bonds                                    p.  26
              2021 Projected Tax-Exempt Chart                    p.  27
              Wash Sale Rules                                    p.  28
              529 Plan Basics                                    p.  29
              Means Team                                         p.  31
              A Holiday Poem                                     p.  32
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