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Investing in an Inflationary Environment

Most of us notice the rising cost of our grocery bills. We pay more for gas. Anyone undertaking a building project sees that the price of building materials soared. These rising costs lead many to ask, “Is this inflation?” What should I do? Let’s start with a quick primer on … Continued

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How to Approach the Proposed Tax Changes

It is hard to believe that the days are already growing shorter.  Before we know it, the end of the year will be upon us, which means tax planning season is just around the corner.  At present, there is much uncertainty surrounding the upcoming tax season.  Earlier this year the … Continued

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Navigating Record Markets and Future “Risks”: 2024 Investment Strategies

Market performance in the first quarter of 2024 defied expectations. Following a strong 24% gain in 2023, the S&P surprised investors with a robust 10% increase for the quarter. The market’s strong start in Q1 is historically significant as there have only been four times since 2000 that the index … Continued

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