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Guided by experience.
Invested in you.

Guided by experience.
Invested in you.

You need a sustainable path for your financial future, which is why we take a holistic view of your finances. Because we believe that your overall financial plan should dictate the way you invest, our wealth management services incorporate our financial planning services with full-service investment portfolio management. This means that the portfolios we recommend to you are customized based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, and aspirations. Further, it is our long-held belief that we must believe in and execute the same advice we provide to others, which is why our employees use the same strategies and investments we recommend to our clients.

Our wealth management services are much more than just that. We believe that “financial coaching” is one of best services we can offer. It is natural to worry during events like a market correction and wonder what steps you should take. It is common to grapple with the balance of spending what you’ve worked so hard to earn and saving appropriately for the future. At Means Wealth, we are here to coach you through all your financial decisions. We believe in a disciplined approach to investing, one that avoids the distraction of things like short-term market fluctuations and investment trends and focuses on fundamental principles. We take this approach because we believe that having the advice of an experienced financial advisor, who knows the fine details of your financial plan and goals, can be incredibly impactful as you navigate your financial path.

We have chosen to operate as a registered investment advisor (RIA), which holds us to a fiduciary duty to always protect your best interests. Because of this, we will always give you the best advice for your situation. We do this not only because we are required to by law, but also because we inherently believe it is the right thing to do.

As necessary, our wealth management services can include the following:

Tax Aware Investing

Taxes directly affect your ultimate returns, which is why we are prudent in seeking a total return that defers and/or reduces your taxes, as appropriate.

Knowing the tax effects of different types of investments also allows us to generate better after-tax returns in your account. For example, some mutual fund managers consider the tax effects of their holdings while others do not. Also, certain dividends paid out by funds are taxable at lower rates than other dividends. Some funds pay out principal which is not taxable income, but affects the tax basis of your investment. We take all of this into account when screening the funds that we use.

ESG / Socially Responsible Investing

We all want to do our part to make the world a better place. For some investors, that means putting their capital towards causes they believe in, which can be achieved through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, socially responsible investing (SRI), and/or impact investing.

    • With ESG investing, investments are selected not only based on traditional fundamental analyses, but also based on the underlying environmental, social, and governance practices of the investment.
    • SRI involves eliminating or selecting investments based on a defined set of values (such as only investing in companies with an focus on environmental sustainability).
    • Impact investing involves investing in companies with specific goals and values believed to make a positive impact on society.

While completely optional, many Means Wealth clients make ESG, SRI, and/or impact investing considerations to ensure their portfolio reflects their beliefs and values.

At Means Wealth, we are committed to developing financial strategies suited to you and your goals. If those goals include supporting a cause via ESG, SRI, and/or impact investing, we will help you integrate those objectives into a plan that works for your financial life.*

*We will only integrate ESG, SRI, and/or impact investing into your portfolio if these options fit your overall objectives and goals.

Estate Planning and Corporate Trustee Services

Estate planning is essential to building a solid foundation for your legacy. Whether that legacy is to be carried on by future generations or by organizations, estate planning allows for a smooth transition of assets in a tax-efficient manner.

Navigating estate planning, trust agreements, investment risks versus returns, and tax implications can be a complex, daunting task. While the creation of a trust must be done by a qualified attorney, Means Wealth is here to guide you through this process to create a goal-oriented, tax-efficient estate plan.

Your financial and estate plan may include the creation of one or more trusts. Trusts are legal documents that establish how your assets should be managed and distributed during your life and/or after your death. Selecting an appropriate trustee is a crucial decision that will help to ensure your estate plan is carried out as you intended. While some may appoint a family member or friend as a trustee, many find it beneficial to instead select a corporate trustee. Through our relationship with Fidelity Investments, our clients have access to the trustee services of Fidelity Personal Trust Company, FSB. The benefits of selecting a corporate trustee include:

    • Access to a trustee that is well trained and up-to-date on the ever-changing and complex trust laws;
    • An objective opinion for important decisions that may need to be made; and
    • Continuity throughout the life of the trust (while a designated individual may become incapacitated or deceased, a corporate trustee can remain into perpetuity).

A carefully considered, well-constructed estate plan guides your impact after your passing. We understand that every client’s path is unique and encourage you to contact us to discuss your legacy’s unique needs.