Institutional Asset Management Services

Our Philosophy on Investing

Our firm has embodied the “Means Philosophy” since its inception in 1935. Our founder, David G. Means, believed that one should not overreact to good or bad news. We believe that clients will achieve their objectives if disciplined strategies are used in institutional asset management. 

Strategies like slowly accumulating positions when stocks are down, reinvesting dividend income, diversification, and contrarianism are inherent to the “Means Philosophy.” We believe in fundamental, quantitative analysis but know irrational forces, including fear, greed, and ignorance, impact asset prices in the short run. Over the long term, however, fundamentals prevail.

As fiduciaries, we strongly believe in highly efficient, well-diversified portfolios built on the foundation of fundamental analysis, qualitative research, and stringent asset allocation. Our portfolio construction is based on forward-looking asset class returns by utilizing research by the most prestigious institutional asset management professionals globally.

We diversify our strategic portfolios not only by asset class but by strict security selection.  By utilizing well-defined asset classes and a combination of individual equities, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds, we can limit risk consistent with client expectations. We diligently monitor portfolios and make adjustments only as needed.

When evaluating securities for selection, we consider larger-scale issues such as fiscal, economic, monetary, regulatory, and legislative environments in the U.S. and abroad, and smaller-scale factors like earnings momentum, profitability, and management changes. We make adjustments to portfolios on an as-needed basis, and the investment committee holds weekly due diligence meetings.