Endowments & Foundations

For over 30 years, Means Wealth Management has managed assets and endowments for non-profit institutions in various sectors, including municipal, cemetery associations, churches, women’s health organizations, and private foundations.

Indirectly, individual team members at Means Wealth also hold positions on non-profit boards and investment committees and frequently ask for advice from institutions of varying sizes. This experience has provided our team with additional insight into the complexities endowments and foundations must navigate in managing their assets.

As a fiduciary advisor, Means Wealth truly understands the fundamental concern that private foundations, endowments, and not for profits face, Risk. Risk mitigation is at the heart of the portfolio construction process. We partner directly with each institution to understand their unique financial situation and optimize the risk/return characteristics.

Means Wealth will also consult with the organization’s board to ensure they fully understand the most critical issues. This provides the board with the opportunity to leverage our deep institutional and philanthropy experience to navigate critical questions promptly.