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Relationship Minimum

Means Wealth Management provides “fee only” advisory services to all new clients.  In other words, we do not charge brokerage commissions of any kind, such as mark-ups or mutual fund marketing fees. This ensures that we meet our fiduciary responsibility and that our interests are closley aligned with our clients.  Additionally, we use the lowest-cost investments where suitable—many of which are not available to the general public.  Our minimum relationship size is $250,000 and our minimum annual fee is $4,000. We reserve the right to make exceptions to these minimums by agreement. 

Accounts held with Means are charged on a quarterly basis and billed in advance, based upon prior quarter end assets.  There are no out of pocket costs and clients receive quarterly performance reports which show returns net of fees.  Advisory fees may vary with the amount of assets under management and the investment styles and options utilized.  For planning or consulting services outside the scope of a managed relationship, we charge on a per engagement basis.  Also, insurance recommendations that are part of a financial plan may carry their own fees. Either party may terminate the relationship at any time by written notice. If this agreement is terminated and all account assets are withdrawn from an account prior to quarter end, advisory fees will be reimbursed pro rata.