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Our Approach

Your financial path is one of a kind. At Means Wealth Management, we understand it’s not just your savings—it’s your lifestyle, your aspirations, your peace of mind, and your legacy.

You deserve a financial plan that’s suited to you and your goals. That’s why we pride ourselves on a highly personalized process, built on in-depth conversations and patient guidance.


We begin with a friendly conversation, exploring the details of your current financial picture and your long-term objectives. Beyond your investments, we’ll discuss your retirement plans, liabilities, philanthropic interests and more. We’ll lead you through simple exercises to determine your risk profile—but more than anything, we’ll be listening carefully to understand your needs, concerns, and goals.


With your goals in mind, we’ll dive deep into your current financial circumstances, taking a holistic view of the situation and identifying any obvious problems. Our advisors will gain a complete understanding of your financial life before beginning to map out feasible, sustainable paths towards your goals.


From there, we’ll construct comprehensive strategies tailored to your risk tolerance, time horizon, and aspirations. Together, we’ll collaborate and discuss how you feel, offering varied approaches coupled with our frank advice. As an independent firm, we hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard—that means we’ll always act in your best financial interest, not our own. Our advisors’ guidance is unbiased and honest.


Once we’ve all agreed on a prudent strategy, we’ll work to implement it over time. If your plan involves outside professionals, like an estate attorney or accountant, we’ll collaborate with them to execute your moves in the most optimal, efficient way possible. At every stage, you’ll receive updates on how things are progressing and what the next steps will be.


After your new plan is fully implemented, we’ll continue to look after your interests. Our advisors will regularly check in, reviewing any changes in the market, your objectives, and your financial situation. We’ll reassess and refine your plan to keep you on track to achieve your dreams.

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